How to use Clumps

Within the formative assessment frameworks displayed in Pupil Asset, Clumps are user-defined lists of curriculum statements. Unlike a Power Clump which is designed and controlled by the author of the framework, standard Clumps are school-specific and can be designed, saved and edited by any user. Only users in your school will see the Clumps that you make. There are many different reasons schools make clumps: 

– To emphasis a particularly important set of assessment statements (e.g. Key Performance Indicators, Key Concepts or Teacher Assessment Framework statements).

– To organise assessment statements in accordance with a scheme or work or programme of study e.g. White Rose Maths. 

– To organise Key Stage expectations into individual year groups (e.g. breaking up Key Stage 2 or 3 programmes of study for the foundation subjects into age-related expectations).

– To isolate specific skills for an intervention or focus group.

– To create a personalised curriculum for an individual learner. 

Making a Clump  

Navigate to Results > Multi Ticks and, using the  Display Options,  select the Framework you want to make a Clump within. 

NB: Clumps are not limited to a particular year group or cohort of pupils, so you do not need to use the Filter to first identify the pupils this Clump is for.

Click on Clump then  Make your own Clump.

Give your Clump a name, select the Age Level(s) containing the statements you want to add and then select the statements that appear below. 

Press Save once you are done.

Viewing a Clump

You can view a Clump on the Multi Tick, DNA Ticks or Achievement Summary pages.

Within Display Options, choose the relevant framework and then press Clumps. A drop down list will then appear from which you can select all available Clumps. If you can’t find the Clump you are looking for, it may have been created in a different Framework.

Power Clumps

Power Clumps are statements within the NC 2017/18 and NC 2018/19 frameworks that allow Year 2 and Year 6 teachers to jump between a broad view of all skills taught within a particular year group and a more focused view on those statements which are contained within the DfE’s Teacher Assessment Frameworks.

To select a Power Clump, open  Display Options, click Power Clump and select the appropriate option from the drop-down list. Then press Refresh.  

To close a Power Clump and view all statements across an Age Level, click All Areas within framework and press Refresh.