Primary School Tracker

Pupil Asset offers one of the most advanced primary school tracking systems available today, with options to support most popular grade and level systems; statement frameworks; point scores and percentage coverage – all in a flexible, bespoke package alongside in-depth yet easy to navigate analysis features.

Great flexibility can sometimes be daunting, however. If you are not sure how best to track for your school, take a look at our 5 example assessment approaches or book some consultancy time with our pedagogical team.

Most up-to-date National Curriculum frameworks

Pupil Asset has the latest UK curriculums pre-loaded, as well as many other popular choices.

More on National Curriculum Frameworks here

Assessment with or without levels

Our completely flexible system allows tracking in myriad ways, including without using any summative “levels” whatsoever.

More information on Assessment without levels here

Result Tracking

Pupil Asset’s ability to configure and track an enormous range of result types, from old school National Curriculum Levels through to Age Bands, Percentages and Grades, is unparalleled in it’s flexibility.

More on result tracking here.

Cohort comparisons and analysis

Our reporting suite allows you to see measures of attainment, progress, behaviour, attendance all side-by-side and filterable by any cohort factor – including your own criteria.

More on analysis with Pupil Asset

Early Years

Early Years and foundation stage tracking is available to all Infant and Primary schools, as well as nursery users

More information about Early Years tracking here