Tracking Frameworks

Pupil Asset allows curriculum frameworks to be tracked as part of the formative assessment system.

What is a curriculum framework?

Curriculum frameworks are sets (or “banks”) of statements that can be marked off against individual pupils as they accomplish things. For example, a statement in maths might be “Compares and orders numbers from 0 to 100” or in reading “Can use text references to support ideas and arguments”

We offer 3 approaches:

  1. Completely customisable, add your own achievements and statuses
  2. Off-the-shelf Frameworks – either UK National Curriculum or from one of our assessment partners
  3. Part-bespoke – clone an existing framework and make it your own

Most up-to-date National Curriculum Frameworks

Pupil Asset offers the most up-to-date National Curriculum frameworks, including statements from the revised Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks (ITAFs).

Tools for Teachers to tick statements and make judgements

Teachers can tick statements against any class using either the Teacher App or the Multi-tick page.


This powerful tool makes marking large numbers of statements a breeze but selecting any cohort of pupils, clicking a whole statement and adjustment for individuals – cycling through the school’s status colours. (In the above example, orange=Working Towards, blue=Working At or green=Greater Depth)

Measuring Progress Formatively

Our DNA Strips show the build-up of statements over time, with % coverage (including for weighted percentages).