Parent Payments

Pupil Asset offers comprehensive parent payment options, with parents able to pay for school meals, trips, events and more from the free Pupil Asset app.

Requesting Payments from Parents

Paying for school trips

Set up an event from any Pupil Asset calendar and you’ll automatically get options to charge a fee or request consent. To see who has and hasn’t paid, simply come back to the event (the quickest way is to search for the trip name) or use the trip-ready print out which summarises everything from dietary requirements to parent contact details.

Use the built-in “Notify” button to automatically message all parents – who will then be directed to pay via the Pupil Asset Parents app (and to a download link if they don’t have it), or come into school.

Paying for recurring activities such as clubs

Create a repeating event on any group calendar and you have the choice of billing up-front or when registration is taken. Parents will be notified of a due payment immediately in the first instance, or post-registration in the latter.

Wrap-around care – Breakfast clubs + after school clubs

Wrap-around care provision is provided in the same way as repeating club events. Simply set up a group for the pupils attending and create a recurring entry in that group’s calendar.

Paying for School Meals

See our Meal Payments page for more info on taking payment for meals chosen at registration.

How does the actual payment mechanism work?

Payments are made using a debit or credit card via the Pupil Asset app or Parent Portal. We don’t have balances, or anything that makes it hard to know where money has come from, or what it is for. Instead, we have transactions, which means you don’t have to worry about having a bank account full of parent balances you can’t spend. Parents simply pay for the products or services they have used or they want. There can be no confusion over what needs to be paid for, or how much is owed, with our easy to understand checkout system

Transactions allow us to balance your books for you in real-time. We use Stripe for transaction processing (up-to-date fees are outlined here ) which means schools are required to have a Stripe account – it’s simple to do and their dashboard is full of useful features. We encourage schools to use Stripe sub-accounts for meals and events so that payments can be easily accounted for, and if required, paid into separate bank accounts. We provide comprehensive and customisable financial analysis to save staff time and worry.