Multi-ticks – your online mark-book

Achievement Summary – a great tool for planning and differentiation

Complete overview – in-depth formative analysis

Formative Assessment

Pupil Asset offers a wide range of options for formative assessment with in-class monitoring of pupil achievements, evidencing of work via our iPad/Android apps and comprehensive overviews of pupil achievements via PA Tracker or PA MIS.

Progress can be analysed purely formatively or alongside age bands, grades, levels or other summative results.

Key features

  • Fully customisable frameworks
  • Define and input your own curriculum objectives
  • Alternatively, choose from a wide range of existing frameworks, including many commercially available programs of study
  • Record depth of understanding – not just coverage
  • Create your own Key Performance Indicators
  • Record video, photograph or note-based evidence using our free Teacher app
  • Statistical breakdowns for formative analysis
  • View previous terms’ achievements to demonstrate progress

Included frameworks

Pupil Asset comes pre-loaded with many popular frameworks, including:

  • National Curriculum KS1, KS2 and KS3 core subjects
  • National Curriculum KS1, KS2 and KS3 non-core subjects
  • Early Years and Development Matters
  • Phonics
  • GCSE core subjects*
  • GCSE non-core subjects*
  • KS4 non-GCSE subjects *

*Subject to the exam board

See our list of Supported Frameworks to see which commercially available frameworks we currently offer.

For more information on using Formative Assessment in Pupil Asset, click here or contact our Sales Team to arrange a demo.