What Can We Track?

The unparalleled flexibility of PA Tracker allows it to accurately model and report on many different educational approaches, making it an invaluable tool for storing and understanding assessment in schools throughout the UK and wider.


  • Formative assessment – fine-grained tracking of individual achievements
  • Summative assessment – overall grades or levels given at set points in the school calendar, either as the result of a “test” or using a teacher’s own assessment
  • Hybrid assessment – a mixture of the two, with formative achievements being automatically combined to produce summative results

Popular Assessment Approaches

1. Assessment Without Levels

purely formative approach to assessment for learning, frameworks of achievements are ticked off then analysed over time, without the need to refer to an overall level or grade.

Example: 33%, 67% in-year coverage

2. National Curriculum Age Bands

Modernised, stepped replacement for levels based on a child’s ability relative to their year group.

Example: Yr6 Working Towards, Yr6 Working At, Yr6 Greater Depth – or your own words.

3. Point-in-Time Assessment (PITA)

Increasingly popular point-in-time flat system for showing relative ability using numbers (1 to 7 or 1 to 9) or the equivalent but with descriptions.

Example: Below expected, Expected, Above expected – or your own words.

4. Grades, Numeric Grades and Diplomas

Secondary & private often track and report using A*-E grades, Diplomas or GCSE Numeric Grades.

Example: A*, C+, C, C- / Pass, Merit, Distinction / 1 to 9

5. National Curriculum Levels

Levels, popular in UK schools for the past decade are still a preferred means of tracking in many state and private schools.

Example: 3c, 3b, 3a, 4c, 4b, 4a, 4a+

Bespoke Approaches to Assessment

We have extensive experience modelling data systems for a myriad of pedagogical ideas, so if your approach does not fit into one of these categories, get in touch and we will look at your individual situation. Note: however, completely bespoke approaches which require substantial analysis from the Pupil Asset consultancy team may incur additional charges.

Examples of Bespoke Approaches made digital by Pupil Asset:

  • The Oxford Scale
  • Edison Learning
  • Kent Steps
  • Inspirations Trust Formative Percentages