Parental Report Writer

A Report Writer that’s integrated directly into your MIS & Tracking System has several benefits over a traditional separate system:

  • Information like pupil & parent names are auto-filled
  • Results, Targets, Attendance and Progress measures can be pulled in automatically
  • Save reports against your parents, so you can always go back and see what they’ve received
  • Pictures from each pupil’s academic life can be automatically pulled in from their profile
  • Full workflow for head teacher sign off before individual reports can go out
  • Email reports directly from the system using our Parent Email
  • Batch Print reports for your whole class, year or school in one go
  • Parents have access to historic reports from their Parent App

Flexible Templating Engine

PupilAsset includes a powerful templating engine to allow the set-up of reports with rich, automatically pulled-in information.

Pre-built School Reports

Choose from our selection of pre-built school reports, based on best practice within schools and feedback from hundreds of PupilAsset teachers.

Bespoke Reports

Advanced users can set up reports for themselves using our parental reporting system or you can request bespoke builds from the PupilAsset support team (although we do charge for our time, depending on how complex your existing report templates are).