Frequently Asked Questions


Are there a Limited amount of assessment approaches available on Pupil Asset?

Pupil Asset will allow you to track both Formative and Summative data for your pupils.

Pupil Asset is fully customisable and can be set up in accordance with your own school assessment policy. When you purchase Pupil Asset, you will receive a free online consultation with one of our assessment experts to discuss how you wish to set up your subjects and/or frameworks.

Do you support Point-in-time Assessment?

Yes, in fact, it is fast becoming our most popular model. More information about using PITA in Pupil Asset can be found here


What is included when my school purchases the MIS package?

You will receive an annual SMS allowance depending on your number of roles, access to our payments system, unlimited emails, unlimited online and telephone support, as well as our Assessment Tracker all included in your MIS licence.

How will you deal with the migration of my data from our current MIS?

On the Monday morning agreed, we will remote onto your current system and extract your data. This takes roughly an hour. Throughout the week we then cleanse your data and import it into your new Pupil Asset site. This then goes through the checking process to ensure everything is perfect for you and you will receive your login details by the end of the week.

How long does a migration take?

In total, from extraction to receiving your login details we allow up to 5 days. Of course, if your site is ready before then we will let you know.

Can I enter data into my old MIS system during the week of migration?

Yes, you can, but anything you enter after the extraction will not come over to Pupil Asset.

We recommend keeping paper copies of anything that may need adding during this time then once your Pupil Asset site is up and running you can enter these details then.

In regards to registers, feel free to use your old system or paper copies during this week and then you can very easily manually add these into Pupil Asset.


What devices and operating systems are supported by the MIS and Tracker?

The Pupil Asset MIS is cloud-based and therefore does not require any dedicated local hardware. This means that all upgrades and patches are managed by us for you e.g. new census updates.

The software is device agnostic meaning that you can access Pupil Asset from any device and from any Internet-connected location. All you need is access to a popular web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge. We recommend Google Chrome.

Our included Teacher and Parent Apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for use on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

What do we mean by ‘cloud-based’?

When systems and services are referred to as ‘cloud-based’, it means they are stored, managed and processed on a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. As a user, you can gain access through a web browser or app. 

Troubleshooting browser issues

Security and Data Privacy

How secure is Pupil Asset?

Our software is secured to industry standards. Data in-transit and data-at-rest are encrypted using AES-256 bit. Our cloud data centres are located within the European Economic Area (EEA) – physically within the UK. Our UK located cloud hosting providers are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.


What support does Pupil Asset provide?

Our known system issues are displayed in Help > Support > Support Queue, here you will see a list of any widely reported issues and can request to be notified when the issue is resolved. This page will also show you Support Requests that you have previously raised with the Support Team.

You are able to raise Support Requests through the system via Help > Support > Contact Us. Please give us as much information as possible regarding your issue so we are able to fully investigate the issue. Our Support Team will reply to your request via Pattr notifications or may call or email you for further information.

Our support team are available for telephone support between 8.30 am and 5 pm on Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) on 01603 631436.

I need support with my chosen assessment approach, who do I contact?

If you require support with amending or changing your current assessment approach you should email [email protected]. Again, please give us as much information as you can regarding your issue, this will help us to match you with an appropriate consultant or member of the support team.

I’m new to Pupil Asset and cannot find the function/information/report that I need.

We have a large range of help documents available for you over on our website at, covering different areas of the system, from Getting Started to Reports/Analysis of your school assessment data.

What other training can you provide? 

Whether you are a new user of Pupil Asset or been using our system for years, we want you to be able to conduct your daily tasks seamlessly so you can spend your time with the pupils behind the data. We have a variety of training courses and online webinars to suit our beginner, intermediate and advanced users, and if you are struggling to find what you need, we offer tailored training too. Find out more here


How do you send invoices out?

We send invoices out via email from Quickbooks and we also send you a paper copy through the post to ensure you have received it.

Which email do you invoices come from?

Please note we use Quickbooks for all our invoices. Please ensure you whitelist [email protected] to prevent delay in delivery.

Can I pay monthly?

We offer a range of payment frequencies: monthly, quarterly and annually.

When do you send your invoices?

We send out our invoices a month and a half early with a due date of 15 days before renewal, this will ensure you have enough time to settle the invoice before your renewal date.

Who can I contact regarding finance queries?

Please call 01603 631436 (opt 2) and ask for our finance team or alternatively, email [email protected].

How can I make payment?

Once you have received your invoice you can either settle it by BACS or cheque. If you’re interested in paying via Direct Debit, please contact 01603 631436 (opt 2) or [email protected].