Send text messages directly from your MIS

There is no need to use an additional system for text messaging as PA MIS can handle all of your text messaging and email needs.

In addition to the lowest cost SMS text messaging service in the education industry (available to all Pupil Asset users) PA MIS schools get the benefits of combined MIS/text messaging, as well as a free annual text allowance.

It’s incredibly useful – let us give you a few examples:

1. Absent Children

Contacting parents of pupils who don’t turn up for school is a major priority for office staff in the morning. With PupilAsset you identify and text them directly from the Master Register and Super Search.

2. Group Texts

Coach been delayed for half-an-hour? Message the whole class, year group or even school at once from using our group text facility. Quick, simple, powerful.

Groups you can text:

  • Year groups
  • Classes and other pupil groups
  • Staff

3. History

A log of who has been texted and when is built right into the system, building up a full picture of the parental communication for each child.