Service Boundaries

  Pupil Asset[CUSTOMER] Cluster/MAT School 
Project Management    
 Service Desk Training N/A   
 1st Level Service Desk   
 2nd Level Support   
 3rd Level Support   
 Service AdministrationN/A    
 User Training*  
 Contract Management  

*The school accepts responsibility of continued training of staff in the user of the system

Service Levels

 Service ElementService Level Comments 
 Service Management  
 Availability of Service DeskMon-Fri 8am-5pm (excluding bank holidays) 
 Response to incidents logged by telephone by Service Provider service deskTelephones answered in service desk opening hours  
 Response to incidents logged by e-mail/portal to Service Provider service desk72 hours  
 Strategic Changes to Service via Change Control
 Upgrades to Services
 Delivery against plan
Minor Release – at least fornightly 
Major Release – at least once termly 
 Service Performance 
 Service Resilience  99.9%  
Full resilience
Capacity managementService Provider to report any Pupil Asset service that reaches 70% of capacity.Except for instances where exceptional one off surge are root cause. 

Pupil Asset Service Level Agreement and Incident Escalation

Pupil Asset LTD undertakes to operate a Customer Support Service Desk, having suitably skilled support staff available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. GMT/BST, Monday to Friday excluding English Bank Holidays, to log Requests For Assistance (RFA) and to deal promptly with problems encountered by Pupil Asset’s users of the service.*

* NOTE: Pupil Asset LTD’s MIS and Tracker service includes the ability to log FDA’s through our online self-service incident logging system.

The impact and severity of a reported fault or problem will be evaluated and discussed with [CUSTOMER] during the initial contact. The severity of the problem will then be decided by Pupil Asset. Once decided, the issue will be logged and scheduled in conjunction with the development team and assigned to a release.

Critical – A problem, which must be resolved before [CUSTOMER] can continue normal business operations.

If a workaround is available, Pupil Asset’s support staff will use best endeavors to respond to [CUSTOMER] with a workaround within four (4) working hours of receiving notice of a critical problem being reported

Serious – A problem, which significantly inhibits production but does not prevent operations.

Pupil Asset’s support staff will use best endeavours to respond to [CUSTOMER] with a workaround within 2 working days of receiving notice of a serious problem being reported.

Moderate – Requirements, which do not impede productive use of the Software.

Pupil Asset’s support staff will use best endeavours to respond to [CUSTOMER] with a workaround within 3 working days of a moderate problem being reported.

Minor – Cosmetic production problems and general test system problems that do not affect availability of the production system. This severity level will also be used to categorise general technical Service Desk types of RFAs.

Pupil Asset’s support staff will respond to [CUSTOMER] within two (2) working weeks of a minor problem being reported, or if relevant in the next version release.

*Pupil Asset reserves the right to change moderate and minor rated issues dependant on resourcing constraints.

Support Call Escalation

Pupil Asset Customer Support (Service Desk) aims to resolve all support queries within the first contact.

In the event of your support call not being answered to your expectation, you can escalate any issues to the support team manager.

The dedicated Service Desk telephone number is 01603 631436 (opt 1). RFAs can be logged from within the Pupil Asset MIS and Tracker and our knowledgebase is available at

This section outlines the process for reporting all faults, or raising technical queries, on any part of the Pupil Asset solution.

Please also refer to the sections above on the individual services within the solution, for detailed procedures relating to these specific services, including specific contact details.

Incident and Problem Reporting

The following paragraphs detail the responsibilities and procedures to be followed.

The Pupil Asset UK Service Desk is located at:

Pupil Asset Ltd
Conisford Court
26/36 Rose Lane

In the event of a Pupil Asset, or Cloud hosting provider failure, Pupil Asset will inform [CUSTOMER].

Pupil Asset and [CUSTOMER] Service Desks agree to notify each other if there is any indication the other might not know of an important outage.

Reporting an Incident

When reporting an incident, enquiry, RFA, the reporter will be asked to provide the following specific information wherever possible:

  • Site location. – [CUSTOMER] to provide
  • Service component(s) affected. – [CUSTOMER] to provide
  • [LEVEL(s)] action taken. – [CUSTOMER] to provide
  • What are the EXACT error messages or precise description of problem? – [CUSTOMER] to provide
  • Can [CUSTOMER] replicate the error? – [CUSTOMER] to provide

Incident Management

[CUSTOMER] undertakes initial [LEVEL(s)] fault diagnosis. After analysis the fault may be passed to the Pupil Asset Service Desk. Pupil Asset LTD. shall retain overall responsibility for the progression and clearance of the incident.

Pupil Asset LTD will allow users to see progress of the reported issue via internal support page. The first update on this page from the Pupil Asset Service Desk to the [CUSTOMER] Service Desk will be within an hour of the incident occurring.

When the incident has been cleared, the Pupil Asset Service Desk will contact the [CUSTOMER] via internal communication to confirm that service has been restored

Incident Escalation

Pupil Asset LTD. operates a jeopardy management process for all incidents, which will automatically initiate escalations at critical points in the incident management process. However, if at any time [CUSTOMER] is not satisfied with the progress of an incident, [CUSTOMER] can initiate an escalation via contacts.

Incident Closure

It should be noted that confirmation of the incident clearance may be delayed and will need to take into account school holiday periods. When the incident has been resolved any related RFA’s will be automatically responded to by an internal communication stating the resolution.

If the service is subsequently found to have not been fully restored, the incident will be unsuspended and the Pupil Asset Service Desk will re-initiate the service restoration process.