Meal Registers & Dinner Money

PA MIS combines school meals, lunch money and registration into a simple, easy to manage area. Meal Registers allow lunch options to be chosen at registration time; teachers can even choose their own meals. Parents can make meal choices up-front and pay (where applicable) using our Parents App. Canteen staff even get their own, stripped-down Pupil Asset to see what to cook!

Meal Selection

Choose lunches at registration time (including for staff) using our online register or Teacher App.

Parental Choice

Allow parents to pre-choose meals in advance using our free Parents App. Their selections automatically pre-fill in the Pupil Asset register on the given days.

Easy Payments

Parents can pay for meals either at the school office/reception desk, or pay online via credit card using the Parents App.

How do I set-up School Meals?

For more information on setting school meals using Pupil Asset, see Knowledge Base: How to set-up school meals.