Office Reports

Shape your data – quickly

Pupil Asset’s filter and columns system allows you to easily pick and choose the information you wish to display. Rather than searching through a long list of pre-defined reports, only to discover the one you wanted isn’t there, our system gives you the flexibility to quickly change what and who you want to see.

Filter who do you want to see

Pupil Asset’s filter system is one of our most powerful features. Start with all your pupils and quickly drill down to the pupils you wish to see, based on virtually any criteria – SEN, FSM, Pupil Premium, even whether a pupil has a medical condition.

Choose what do you want to see

Pupil Asset’s Choose Columns facility is the final part of the jigsaw when creating office reports. Once you have picked the pupils you wish to include, clicking the choose columns buttons allows you to display virtually any data you wish.

Send it to a colleague (without wasting paper!)

We realise that printing is often important in a school, but documents are also often printed due to a lack of a viable alternative. With Pupil Asset, sending a report to a colleague is simply a matter of pressing a button and sending a link; and if that person is a Pupil Asset user, they will click on the link and see exactly what you see. And no trees were lost in the process!

Extra features

  • Want to create a tickbox list? We have a “Blank Columns” box just for you.
  • Would you like to title those boxes? Simply type in fields with a comma, and it will make your columns accordingly.