MIS Compatibility

We offer several methods of integrating with third-party software and hardware suppliers. Integration means connecting two software products together.

Integrating data into Pupil Asset

If you are using Pupil Asset Tracker, we allow you to integrate the data with the MIS you use. This means that when you make changes to data in your MIS, your Pupil Asset Tracker will automatically reflect these changes. For example, if new pupils are added to your MIS they will automatically be added to your Pupil Asset too. Similarly, if pupils change groups they belong to in your MIS, these changes will automatically update in Pupil Asset. This will save you time, increase accuracy of information across the system and improve relevance. You will only need to enter data once and then you can reuse repeatedly.

The following systems are supported by our Tracker:

  • Capita SIMS
  • Integris G2
  • Double First Engage
  • WCBS

We also allow direct communication via our REST API.

Please contact us if your MIS is not listed.

Integration via Wonde

A third party interface aggregator, Wonde securely manages data in and out of schools.

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