Pupil Asset’s timetable support drives your school’s online registration, controlling the registers that teachers see, the master register for the school (who is in, who isn’t) as well as forming the basis for Pupil Asset’s powerful TimeCal.

Timetable Import

Most schools choose to work on their timetable in an auxilliary product such as Timetabler, then bring the finished timetable into Pupil Asset for final tweaking.

PA Timetable Set-up

Alternatively, you can set-up timetables in Pupil Asset, but please note: there is currently no support for automatic scheduling within PA – you need to do that in an external system before term starts.

Once running, PA has options to adjust your timetables to cope with changes during term time:

  • Class changes
  • Cover support
  • Room changes
  • Pupil transfers (including during registration for specialist care)
  • Event overrides

Ultimate Flexibility

  • 4/5/6 or even 7 day timetables
  • 1 or 2 week
  • Any number of sessions per day
  • Differing day layouts on different days, including flexible start / end times
  • Wrap around care sessions (breakfast clubs, lunchtime clubs, after school clubs)