Early Years Foundation Stage Tracking

Infant & Primary Tracking

Infant & Primary schools get full support for tracking Early Years and Development Matters at Foundation Stage included in PupilAsset Tracker by default.


Nurseries can also use the system, with the age bands running from N0 through to Reception – giving you 3 Nursery years. Understandably many Nurseries do not wish to track this early, so you can just use it as a data store for really young children if preferred.

Development Matters Framework

Formative assessment through Nursery and Reception can be accomplished using the Development Matters framework, or a framework of your choice.

Free Early Years App

Pupil achievements can be ticked off as they grow using either a PC/Mac or an iPhone/iPad/Android device with our free teacher app. The benefit of using a handheld system is that it’s much easier to snap a picture to evidence the achievement, since those pictures go directly from your device to PupilAsset with no hassle around downloading/uploading files.

Summative Foundation-Stage Assessment

In Pupil Asset, you can track achievements purely formatively, or use a summative grading system of your choice – e.g. Point-in-Time-Assessment (PITA) or Early Years Age Bands. For example:

YearShort-handAge-bandsFine Bands
Nursery EntryN0Birth-11mthsBirth-11 Beginning
Birth-11 Developing
Birth-11 Embedded
8-20mths8-20 Beginning
8-20 Developing
8-20 Embedded
16-26mths16-26 Beginning
16-26 Developing
16-26 Embedded
22-36mths22-36 Beginning
22-36 Developing
22-36 Embedded
Pre-NurseryN130-50mths30-50 Beginning
30-50 Developing
30-50 Embedded
NurseryN240-60mths40-60 Beginning
40-60 Developing
40-60 Embedded
ReceptionREarly Learning Goals (ELG)1. ELG Beginning
2. ELG Developing
3. ELG Embedded

This bands can be renamed, or indeed you can set up your own assessments.

Joining Up With KeyStage 1

PupilAsset data continues from Reception directly into KeyStage 1 (and beyond), retaining all of their Nursery and Reception results, allowing your whole school to use the same system in a joined up way.