School MIS Software

Our industry-leading school MIS software empowers teachers and leaders to harness data and realise the potential of every pupil, across all of your schools.

Pupil Asset MIS software supports your school community. Enabling effective leadership through informed decision making, evaluating the impact of change, and help you identify the potential for improvement. Our tools for attendance, attainment, behaviour and communication offer your school the best chance of success.


Make sense of your school, enable effective leadership and give yourself the best chance of success.

MATs & Groups

Powerful, flexible, customisable: Quickly and easily understand all your schools from one access point.

Switching to Pupil Asset is simple

We know that the hardest part of the process is choosing to leave your current MIS provider, so once you’ve made that decision, our staff will work hard to make it easy for you. You can be certain that you made the right decision, moving to a company that cares about your school.

Primary school MIS software

Pupil Asset MIS software is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for your primary school. Enabling you to empower your staff, engage your parents, and give yourself the best chance of success. Also includes our school Pupil Tracker, providing advanced assessment tracking, behaviour management, and communication tools.

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MIS software for MATs, groups and federations

Our school-group level MIS software is capable of running all of your schools from a single central login. Enabling you to maximise the benefits of working together, share accountability, reduce bureaucratic barriers, and promote your shared ethos and understanding.

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Training Webinars and Workshops

Pupil Asset offers a range of training options to make sure that you get the most value from our software.

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Understand how Pupil Asset can aid teachers in every aspect of their day to day routine in school. It will save them time whilst managing their students and staff efficiently to ensure nobody gets left behind.