A new way to see your
Multi-Academy Trust

Powerful, flexible and customisable: Pupil Asset brings your schools together in a meaningful way.

Software for MATs

We work closely with MATs to understand the pressures and requirements of their day-to-day business because every MAT is unique. This close relationship helps us identify and develop tools that enable effective leadership, informed decision making, and ways to save you time.

Promote your values

The autonomy you have as a MAT is your biggest strength, having the freedom to do what is best for your schools whilst maximising the benefits of working together. Pupil Asset software enables you to share accountability, reduce bureaucratic barriers and promote your shared ethos. Every staff member is empowered with the information they need. Your values and policies are easily reflected across your schools giving each and every pupil the best chance of success.

Time to manage effectively

Making informed decisions is at the heart of effective leadership, increasing the demand for knowledge, resulting in the seemingly endless production of reports and data. By automating reports, and removing the need for duplication, Pupil Asset MIS software can free your schools from this burden. Your education team can focus their valuable time on identifying the interventions or innovations which are improving pupil outcomes, and sharing this learning with trustees, headteachers and other key stakeholders.

Offer your schools the best chance of success

For your MAT, and the schools that join it, change can be daunting and difficult to quantify. Our experienced educational consultants will work with you to ensure that your values and ethos are represented, whilst treating each school individually, as they learn to make the most of your new software. We deliver flexible, inclusive and accessible training in the way that works best for you and your schools. While our friendly support team are a phone call away, to answer any questions, and reassure your staff.

Switching to Pupil Asset is simple

We know that the hardest part of the process is choosing to leave your current MIS provider, so once you’ve made that decision, our staff will work hard to make it easy for you. You can be certain that you made the right decision, moving to a company that cares about your school.

A new way to see your MAT

Pupil Asset MIS software allows you to improve outcomes for pupils, and to support staff across your MAT, by bringing your schools’ information together, online and in real-time. Placing you at the heart of each school; easily, cost-effectively and securely.

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Assessment solutions for MATs

The key to your success as a MAT is supporting your schools with effective assessment, intervention, and teaching practice. This often becomes difficult when schools are implementing a variety of methodologies and principles. Pupil Asset’s education specialists will help you navigate this potential roadblock and save your schools valuable time in the process.

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Work together, efficiently

There are huge benefits to schools working together as a Multi Academy Trust. You can maximise the impact of those benefits with Pupil Asset. Our software provides ways for you to share and disseminate key information, ensuring that every staff member has access to the information they need, saving valuable time and preventing administrative delays.

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Economies of scale

At Pupil Asset, we look for the opportunity to positively impact educational outcomes in as many schools as possible. We don’t see our bigger contracts as a chance to increase our margins, our quotes will always be discounted to reflect the reduction in overheads we see from working with MATs. Pupil Asset also provides extra functionality and consultancy to ensure that both individual schools and MAT central teams have access to what they need. We work hard to ensure that our customers feel supported no matter how our relationship started.

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Dedicated Support Team

We pride ourselves on the level of support that we offer our schools. Going ‘above and beyond’ to make sure our users get the best experience possible.

Our experienced and friendly Support Team, many of whom come from educational backgrounds, are on hand to respond to your requests from Monday-Friday, between 8:30am to 5:00pm at no extra cost to schools.

“I am impressed by how responsive the team are”

Louise, Swaffham CofE

“Thanks for your fantastic help desk assistance yesterday. When I just needed someone to tell me what to press to get the reports I needed instantly when requested by the OFSTED inspection team… It was such a relief to have your help and an immediate answer on the phone!”

Clair, Caston CofE VA Primary School


Make sense of your school, enable effective leadership and give yourself the best chance of success.

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