Master Register

More than just a register

Why have an endless list of attendance reports, only to find that report doesn’t give you exactly the information you want? With the PupilAsset Master Register, office users can mark pupils AND use our powerful functions to turn that herringbone information into something useful.

Make the register work for you

Simply specify a date range and view the marks over that period, then switch to “Breakdown” or “Code Total” mode to digest those marks into useful percentages, or code breakdowns of codes across that time.

Easy to see

Use our smart colour-based system to easily spot patterns and warning signs for poor attendance. Easily locate marks with notes against them using our white corners, and click to change the mark or view the history of changes on that mark.

Smart click and drag

Want to copy a register code (and note) across to other dates, or even to other pupils? Simply click on the square you wish to copy and drag it across. Added some illness or holiday in the future that you don’t wish to overwrite? Click on a blank cell, and you can drag over the previously marked codes without disturbing them. Simple but intuitive.

Your flexible friend

  • Refine your settings to create lists of pupils under/over/at a certain percentage of attendance
  • Mix and match which codes you want to see, then request thresholds to show pupils with more or less
  • Show in groups of class or year, or even group the whole school together
  • Use PupilAsset’s famed filter to narrow down your list to exactly the pupils you’re interested in