Special Needs (SEN) Tracking

Special Needs Schools are increasingly turning to PupilAsset to help fulfil their uniquely challenging tracking needs, with sophisticated Special Needs features created just for them:

Pupil Asset is one of the only systems that truly support the needs of SEN children.

  • Finely graded p-levels offering p1i to p9 (school configurable) at 72 separate gradations
  • Individualised progress to reduce expectations for those starting from lower levels
  • Red Off suppress attainment colours to prevent unnecessary comparison with mainstream

Best Practice in Special Needs Schools

Working with the KASS group of schools in Kent, we have developed a system for finely assessing SEN levels, setting individual targets based on a combination of the national progression guidance and best practice coming out of schools, and tailored progress measures for those starting on lower ‘p’-levels.

Detailed, fine-grained “p”-levels

PupilAsset offers an extraordinary level of flexibility for Special Needs schools to show progress with 72 fine-grained P-levels available to whichever subjects you require.

Special Needs Progress

SEN schools (or individual SEN pupils within mainstream schools) have different progress expectations from the rest of the education system, and their progression guidance gives lower expected outcomes depending upon how specialist their needs are to begin with.

Differentiated, Personalised Progress

Progress for these individuals can be decoupled from the mainstream school progress, and switched to use progress based on personal targets instead.

This has the benefit both of following an alternative progression, but also one that can be tweaked further to suit the individual in question (or indeed, with multiple targets enabled you model a variety of possible outcomes).

SEN Specialist

Our special needs consultant can call in and explain how you can finally get a system that cares.