Tracking Behaviour

Our comprehensive Behaviour Tracking is included free with both our Tracker and MIS. You can also log Behaviour incidents (and much more besides) using our free Android/Apple app. Behaviour categories and outcomes are customisable and can be logged and tracked against individuals, classes or other cohorts.

Merits and Rewards

Pupil Asset can also track merits, which can be awarded for positive behaviour, keeping track of a running pupil total with facilities to “cash these in” for rewards. As with other behaviour, merits can be assigned individually or in groups or even whole years.

Cross-correlate Behaviour & Achievement

As with other factors on PupilAsset, behaviour can be cross-referenced against achievement, establishing whether there is a link for some children (or groups of children) and their progress.

Tracking Group Incidents

Incidents can be logged against several pupils simultaneously, making the registering of events quick & simple – even when stored against multiple pupil profile.

Outcomes and Action Plans

Register outcomes to behaviour events, and create action plans for individuals – these are even shareable with parents.