TimeCal – more than just a calendar

There are many providers of tools such as online registration, timetabling and event management, but why use various applications to do different things when you can have everything incorporated into one, simple system? TimeCal makes the day-to-day running of a school more efficient and secure. You can rely on TimeCal to give you detailed data in real-time, including live registration, tracking the location of your students and staff at any time, payments and communication.

Below are some of the key highlights of TimeCal:

1. Retrieve data in real-time

Search for a pupil or staff member and TimeCal will show you exactly where they are and what they are doing. Whether they are on a class trip, excluded from school, in an exam or simply at the dentist, you can access the information instantly.

2. Register directly from your schedule

TimeCal allows you to take registers for lessons (or events where required) directly from your calendar.

3. Term-time awareness

Unlike many other calendar providers, TimeCal can acknowledge your term dates and closures. When scheduling recurring diary entries such as after-school clubs which only happen during term, you can choose ‘term-time only’ which ensures these events do not show on the calendar over the holidays. As well as this, you can also specify Inset/teacher training days.

4. Registration in real-time

This calendar also supplies you with registers which can inform staff where everyone is and automatically adjusts when a pupil is registering elsewhere – be that on a trip, in an exam or due to behaviour exclusions.

5. Manage absences

Is a teacher unwell? Check TimeCal to find out which members of staff are available to cover the classes throughout the day. Transfer their lessons and let us automatically update their calendars and registers instantly so the handover is as seamless as possible.

6. Receive payments

Charge parents up-front for trips or upon registration for repeating events such as breakfast clubs. Parents can pay in school or via the Pupil Asset Parents App (available on iOS and Android) which are free to download.

7. Instant communication with parents

Text students’ parents quickly and easily before, during or after the event.

8. Parental consent

Require parental consent for children going on a school trip? TimeCal will alert parents that their consent is required (via text message or app notification) and parents can confirm either in school or via the Pupil Asset Parents App (available on iOS and Android).

9. Print details of a trip

Print your calendar event for a school trip and TimeCal includes an up-to-date medical history and dietary requirements, as well as emergency contacts and information on outstanding payments and consents.

10. View past, present and future events

TimeCal can be rolled backwards or forwards in time, including details of people’s location on certain days. It even remembers people who have since left your school.