Simple Census Returns

An intuitive, straightforward, easy-to-use census system

Census time is never easy in the office of your school; our aim is to change that. We break down the DfE’s complicated requirements into simple, manageable chunks. Rather than an endless instruction book or a needless training course, we build the instructions into the system. We allow you to skip seamlessly between screens fixing errors as you go, removing the need to repeatedly generate files and check error logs.

  • No complicated manuals. The instructions are right there where you need them
  • Bypass the confusing summaries! The data you see is the data you submit
  • No endless error logs. We provide your data in a readable format with quick links for easy editing
  • No patches to install. Your census will appear when you need it
  • Our system always reflects the latest updates by the DfE.

Pupil Asset displays your data in a sensible, readable format so that you can take ownership of your information.