Key Stage 1 and 2

Understand your children’s performance during key stage 1 and 2 like never before with our real-time tracking system that combines simple, fast data entry for teachers with a profound depth of understanding for school leaders.

Pupil Asset supports the tracking of all core subjects (and any others you may wish to add) using configurable both achievement framework based formative assessment, and level/grade/age-band based summative assessment.

Infant, Primary, Junior and Middle School Tracking

Pupil Asset includes specialist support for Early Years, as well as class-leading Special Educational Needs (SEN) tracking.

Recording Achievements Using Mobile Devices

In-class tracking using Formative Assessment – ticking off achievements either via the classroom PC or our free Teacher app – allows your frameworks – including the New National Curriculum – to be assessed via iPhone / iPad or Android device.

Our powerful multi-tick system allows whole classes and groups of children to have achievements assigned in one go.

Our image and video upload also allow for evidencing; useful for parents (or inspectors) to see substance behind the tracking.

Summarising Assessment

Pupil Asset supports age bands by default, but many pedagogical approaches are supported. See What can we track?

NB: we continue to support legacy levels for historical results or if your school is continuing to assess in this way.

Reporting on your data

Our powerful data analysis features help you deftly enquire your data, finding issues and highlighting interventions.