Build Your Own Tracker

Customisable School Tracking Software

Pupil Asset offers several comprehensive pre-built tracking solutions to fit most popular models of assessment in school. However, we understand that flexibility is important in school – especially given the freedom in approaches allowed today.

Key Features:

  • Pupil Asset supports models of both formative and summative assessment – or a hybrid of the two.
  • Many assessment frameworks are included, or you can set-up your own
  • The wording, colouring and progression of both formative and summative assessment is fully customisable
  • Choose to track any number of subjects using a variety of result types from grades, levels, age-bands, PITA and standardised scores to your own completely bespoke result types
  • In class achievement tracking using weighted percentages based on your own status set
  • Configurable school aspirations and progress
  • Up to 3 different per-pupil targets

Tracking the way YOU want it be

If you’ve developed or purchased a solution and are having trouble tracking assessments then consider this:

  • We let you enter your own on-going assessment criteria
  • Your curriculum works on our mobile teacher app
  • You can have as many steps as you want and call them what you like
  • Steps can be flat and don’t have to be progressive (linear)
  • You decide how much progress should be made each year – and what indicates that a pupil is ‘on track’ to meet the national expectations
  • You can track test results in relation to teacher assessments and show progress between them
  • We’ve developed additional functions to help highlight mastery/proficiency skills
  • Individual and whole school reports help you to understand your assessments

The full functionality of a powerful online tracker – but with YOUR philosophy!

Here are some of our most popular tracker features:

Graphical representation of curriculum coverage with teacher assessments alongside

Cohort coverage and ‘next steps’

Detailed pupil achievement breakdowns – and the option to also show ‘I can’ objectives for reports and books

Progress matrices and cohort analysis

‘On track’ predictions

Remember this could be YOUR assessment model whether it uses bands, points, numbers or bananas*. Prices start from £650 per annum for a small school and we don’t charge any extra for the customisation features unless you require additional consultancy.

To learn more contact us (if you use us already feel free to get in touch for some help with adapting your system)

* Not especially recommended as an effective tracking solution