Parents App

Our Parents App is available for all parents with pupils at a school using our MIS system. Please note that the web version of the parents portal is no longer available.

Download for free on Android & Apple Smartphones & Devices


How To Use The PupilAsset Parent App

  1. Download the app using one of the links above ↑
  2. Click Create an account if this is your first time, or login using your email address the school has
  3. Choose from your children at each PupilAsset school and begin to explore their education!

Know What’s Going On In School?

Repeat studies show that having parents engage with their children’s education is a huge factor in improving their children’s chances in the world. PupilAsset’s Parents App brings you as a parent a step closer to your son or daughter’s schooling.

Keep Abreast of Progress

The Parent app allows parents to see & check the details held by the school’s Management Information System. It compliments PupilAsset’s Tracker by showing headline attendancebehaviour & progress data – as well as regular school reports (downloadable as PDFs).

How Do Parents Gain Access?

Any parent with an email address can create a login to see their children’s data (so long as the “Allow Online Access” flag is set in PupilAsset).

When using the app you will start on the Login screen. If you have never used PupilAsset Parents before, click on ‘create an account’. This will take you to the sign-up screen, where you can enter your email address. If your address is on the PupilAsset system, you will be emailed details to choose a password and start using PupilAsset Parents. If not, you may need to contact your pupil’s school to ensure they have your correct details on record.