Teachers App

Our Teachers App is available for schools using either the Tracker or MIS system.

Download for free on Android & Apple Smartphones & Devices


In-Class Assessment

Formative Assessment can be undertaken in class, ticking off pupil achievements individually or as a whole group or class.

Uploading Evidence

Simply use the Camera on your handheld device to take a picture of an activity or workbook, assign it to some pupils and say which achievements it is related to.

Evidence can be uploaded from any computer or device with an up-to-date web browser, but the PupilAsset Teacher App allows photos to be taken and uploaded directly and securely.

Which Frameworks Are Supported?

Achievements from official frameworks are included by default, including the New National Curriculum which can be used in full, or just KPIs.

You can also create your own frameworks, either because you wish to assess in your way or to tweak an existing curriculum.

Work how you want to work

Not enough time in class? Take the picture and assign it later using full-fat PupilAsset on the desktop.

Online Registration

PupilAsset MIS also allows registers to be taken from your in-class iPad or Android device, making the whole process easier, smoother and less intrusive.

For more online registration options, see Online Registration with PupilAsset.

Online Behaviour Logging

Logging behaviour incidents is also simple and quick using the Teacher App, and is instantly available to other PupilAsset users from your school or cluster.

Understanding how behaviour affects achievement is a key metric to fully comprehending your class and school performance overall.

Read more about Online Behaviour Logging.