How to manage cluster users

What is a Cluster admin?

In order for clusters to manage user access across Pupil Asset, they require at least one CLUSTERADMIN user. Being a CLUSTERADMIN is different to having cluster access.

CLUSTERADMIN is the highest level of access within a MAT. It allows all schools in the cluster to be viewed and edited from one single sign-in. It also provides the ability to grant multi-school access to selected users: for specific schools, or all schools within the cluster (users can also be given a different user access level in their ‘home’ school to any of their additional schools).

CLUSTERADMIN users are able to view all cluster staff in one place. It is good practice to review users and their access levels regularly.

If your cluster does not current have a user assigned to this access level, the head of the trust or central team can request one via email.

How to Add a new user at Cluster level

  1. Open cluster where the new staff member needs to exist.
  2.  Navigate to People > Staff 
  3. Select ‘Add new user’ 
  4.  Complete the following fields to set up Cluster Admin;

    A) First name

    B) Surname

    C) Email address

    D) Mobile Number

    E) Password

    F) User type

    G) Member of school needs be ‘*Not a School staffer’ if they are central team user, or select the school that the member of staff is based at.

    H) Member of cluster staff should be set to the cluster or sub cluster that they belong to.

  5. Save the new profile.

How to set up a cluster user for select schools

  1. Follow steps A – F above.
  2. Assign member of school to be the school that the user is based at. Select *not a school staffer if this is not appropriate.
  3. Member of cluster staff should be set to the cluster or sub cluster that they belong to, or if they are based at a school that needs access to one or more school, select *not a cluster staffer.
  4. Click save.
  5. Navigate to the users profile: Admin > Staff and select the user access tab. Open Roles and access permissions.
  6. In the Additional School Access select the ‘+’
  7. Select the school for the user to have access to, and the user access level they require, tick the boxes as required. Repeat this step for each school the user needs access to.

How to amend individual user access permissions

Navigate to Admin > Access Control.

Click each access level to expand the column and give appropriate access to each member of staff under each tab.