How to set-up registration

Pupil Asset’s registration systems can be switched on for anyone using PA MIS (part of the Pro plan). 

This gives you:

  • Choice between AM/PM sessions or fully timetabled lessons
  • DfE Census returns (UK only)
  • Access to the Master Register and registration reporting tools

Registration can be enabled via Admin > School Options > MIS Options

Choosing between AM/PM and full timetables

The simplest form of registration offered is AM/PM registers. This register will appear twice a day for each teaching class – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This provides enough detail to produce ‘herringbone’ census information and suits small schools (including most Infant, Primary and Junior schools) whose pupils largely stay with the same teacher/classroom for the majority of the school day. 

Larger schools may prefer full timetabled registration.

Setting up AM/PM registration

1) Turn on AM/PM registration via Admin > School Options > MIS Options

2) Set up your classes (see ‘How to set up classes and pupil groups‘). Make sure you leave the ‘Teaching Group’ option checked. 

3) Teachers associated with those classes will automatically see their registers on their Pupil Asset Dashboard and Teacher App.

What next?

The ‘Office’ menu has registration details, including Master Register and the Absentee/Late lists. 

You can also manage meals (including payments) that are selected as part of the registration process. See ‘How to set-up school meals‘.