How to upgrade from PA Tracker to PA MIS

Upgrading from PA Tracker to PA MIS is extremely straightforward – simply contact our Sales Team via email or on (01603) 631436 and they will help you arrange a transfer date (the date to stop using your existing Management Information System).

Making the transition couldn’t be simpler. Pupil Asset’s MIS system is exactly the same as the Tracker with the addition of registration, office facilities, parent communication features and census support switched on – so your staff know how to use it, and your pupils are generally already set-up.

Why Upgrade?

Pupil Asset offers a complete replacement for your existing Management Information System, built on the Tracking software you already know and love. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Extremely user friendly 
  • Negates the need for separate systems for tracking, MIS and parent communications
  • One system for all of your staff (Office staff get their own sections)
  • SMS text messaging and parent emails direct from the MIS
  • Online registration via Mac, PC, Apple or Android devices
  • Simple, pain-free census returns (a relief for office staff!)
  • Combined pupil and assessment data for in depth analyses 
  • More cost effective than buying separate MIS, tracking and parent communication systems


What happens when you upgrade?

Once you have decided to upgrade, the next steps are as follows: 

– Agree an upgrade date with the PA Migrations Team

– Export your data from your existing MIS 

– Import your data into Pupil Asset 

– Book MIS training

– Final pupils/parents CTF moved, registers open on PupilAsset

MIS Training

If you are an existing Tracker school, your teachers already know how to use most of the system, the online registration part is the potentially the only part of the system they will need some training on (this will not take long as the system has been designed to be extremely simple to use). 

Office Staff are the most regular users of any MIS and may have no prior knowledge of PupilAsset, therefore office training is key to a successful migration. Talk to a member of our Sales Team to find out more about Pupil Asset training packages.