How to set up the on call system

This how to guide will explain how to set up your on call system. This feature is only available to MIS users. It can be used by every member of staff but will need to be set up by admin (or above) level users.

How to set up the on call system

1) Navigate to Admin > MIS Options and tick the box ‘Use On Call system’.

2) You should now have a new icon in the menu bar. 

3) Don’t touch it!

4) Navigate to Admin > SMS Options. You’ll find a table where you can add up to five mobile numbers, along with the name of who they belong to.

5) Your on call system is now set up.

How to use the on call system

Members of staff just need to click the on call button in the menu bar to call for assistance. When you click the on call button a pop up with a pre-written message stating who they are, which class you have and their location will appear. If the teacher does nothing, the message gets automatically sent in five seconds OR the teacher can alter the message (which cancels the countdown) and then send it manually.