How to import classes from your MIS

Where schools have already set-up classes in their Management Information System, this information can be imported directly into Pupil Asset via a CSV file. To set-up Classes manually, see ‘How to set up classes and groups.  

Create a CSV file containing two fields – UPN and Class (sometimes referred to as a Reg Group in some MIS). 

Once the CSV file is created, navigate to Admin > Import and choose the file from your folders. Select upload to move to the next step.

Set up the CSV Import information as below. In order to prevent the system from creating new pupils if UPN cannot be matched, select Do not allow new pupils to be created. Select Next to proceed. 

Identify the files header row – the row that details what each column contains. Ensure this row is set to This row says what the data is

All other rows that you can see should be set to This row is data. Click Next.

Ensure your columns are matched accurately to their corresponding Pupil Asset field. The importer should automatically identify the relevant fields, but ensure it has matched, as below. Selecting Next will create classes populated with pupils.