How to enter Learner FAM Code and Learner FAM Hours

Learner FAM information is required for the Spring and Summer 2022 Census. This information can either be entered at a pupil level or via Multi Edit in Pupil List.

Adding at pupil level:

  • To enter via the Pupil Profile, select the pupil in question and navigate to the Edit tab. Scroll to the ‘Leaner Funding and Monitoring area and select the ‘+’ button to add a new record:
  • Fill in both the ‘Learner Funding Code’ and ‘Learner Funding and Monitoring Hours’ (this is cumulative hours for this academic year to census date):

Adding via Pupil List

  • Head to Pupil List and use the Filter to choose your desired cohort (eg Whole School)
  • Select ‘Multi Edit’ to enter Edit mode
  • From ‘Display Options’, select both ‘Learner Funding and Monitoring Code’ and ‘Learner ‘Funding and Monitoring Hours’ tick boxes and select ‘Refresh’:
  • Both columns will be added to the list where data for each relevant pupil can be entered – click save to commit changes to the system

Checking Existing FAM entries

We do not have a FAM filter but relevant columns can be added to Pupil List using the ‘show all options’ in Pupil List. Add both columns and select ‘choose these columns’


Chosen columns will display for reference:


DfE Guidance links

A link to DfE Guidance related to required Census Data Items can be found here and the extract relating to Funding and monitoring (FAM) hours can be found below:

‘Funding and monitoring (FAM) hours
From spring 2022, we will also collect the cumulative total number of hours the pupil has received of school-led tutoring since the start of the 2021 to 2022 academic year.

In the summer census, we will collect the total hours received up to and including at each census day as a cumulative total for the whole academic year, to the nearest 0.5 hours.

Do not include any hours provided by tuition partners or academic mentors via the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), only those hours provided by the school-led tutoring grant.

Schools will need to ensure that the pupils hours are maintained or updated in the MIS in advance of the summer census.

Where a pupil is dually registered, only enter the number of hours the pupil has received in your school.

We will use the information collected from the school census returns to:

understand the pupils that schools select for tutoring, ensuring that we can target this funding at disadvantaged pupils that need support to catch-up
understand which pupil cohort schools are supporting and for how long
understand any regional or local variances or issues which we can help resolve
understand impact by identifying pupil attainment in future years and build evidence to schools can continue to support disadvantaged pupils in the future
contribute to the accountability measures required as part of HM Treasury conditions
More information about school led tutoring is available.’