How to analyse attendance from a previous year

In order to analyse attendance from previous terms, go to Office > Registration > Attendance Analysis and set the required date range – either from the pre-sets in the dropdown, or the start and end date beside it. That and other details on how to call up information in Attendance Analysis can be found here.

This will then show attendance for pupils that have been filtered. By default this will be current Year 6 pupils.

To analyse a previous cohort, go into Filters and set the Archive to the desired academic year. That will then show a dropdown that can be set as On Roll Between, Started Between or Left Between, followed by a start and end date that will dictate when within the chose academic year pupils will be recalled from.

For example, if the start and end date are set to On Roll Between 01/09/2020 -> 31/12/2020, any pupil that joined after the end date , or left before the start date will not be included on the report.

Exiting the filter and changing the attendance period at the top of the page will dictate the period that the displayed attendance statistics are taken from, so it is likely that these two date ranges will be the same, although they can be different if needed.