How to view class/cohort achievements

Pupil Asset’s Achievement Summary gives you a complete overview of a class or cohort’s attainments in terms of both curriculum coverage and depth of learning. It is a great tool for medium term planning and is a quick way of getting instant, informed differentiation at a class or group level, based on pupil’s prior attainments. The summary also helps teachers to identify areas of strength and weakness.

For the learners selected via the Filter, the Achievement Summary details the number and percentage of pupils attaining at the various levels: Working Towards, Working At, Greater Depth (or your school equivalents) and, when clicked on, the names of the pupils. 

The Display Options can be used to drill down to certain curriculum areas or Clumps within the frameworks, for example, choosing to view the Power Clump, ‘KS1 TAF: Working At‘, will show where there are gaps in terms of the Teacher Assessment Framework statements.