How to manage staff absence

To view or print staff absences for your school navigate to Admin > Staff > Staff Absence.

You can list staff absences for a particular period or of a particular type for all staff in the school.

From the Display Options choose the date range to view. 

Remember to click on Refresh if you change the date range to reload the absences for those dates.

This list can then be printed via the print icon on the red bar or downloaded as a CSV file by clicking on Download as CSV at the bottom of the page. 

To enter or edit an absence

Navigate to Admin > Staff > Staff Absence and click on Add new staff absence. 

Choose the relevant staff member and type of absence.

Enter the start date and, if known, the end date for multi-day absences (the end date can be left blank to enter when the staff member returns to work). The system will suggest the number of hours and days lost; however, this can be over-ridden by entering alternative hours/days lost. 

Click Save.

The new absence will be shown at the bottom of the screen. To edit any absence just click on the Edit button on this screen.