How to manage pre-admissions

Adding new pupils to the system

There are multiple ways to add pupils to the system. For full guidance on adding new pupils, see ‘How to add pupils‘.

Finding Pre-admission pupils

Once added, Pre-admission pupils due to start in the following academic year will be allocated the year group that they are GOING INTO. Therefore, pupils on the system who have not yet started will not be brought up in any pupil lists.

If you wish to see them, switch the button in the Filter Block entitled Pre-admissions to ON

For example, you will find next year’s Reception pupils by selecting Reception from the Year group dropper in the Filter Block and selecting the Pre-admissions button.

Starting your pupils in your school

Your pupils will automatically be made live on their start date. 

If you wish to make them live manually, navigate to Pupils > Pupils List and locate them using the method outlined above. 

In the list of pupils generated, the right-hand column contains tick-boxes. Simply put a tick against the pupil(s) you wish to start, and then click Pupil Actions

Choose Make Live. Your pupil(s) will now be live in the system.

How to message pre-admission parents

To message your pre-admission pupils parents navigate to Pupils > Pupil List and filter to Pre-admissions. You can then select specific pupils from the list using the tick boxes in the table, or leave the tick boxes blank to automatically select all pupils. Use the Pupil Actions drop-down box to choose to send either an SMS or email. For further instructions on sending email and SMS, see ‘How to send emails‘ and ‘How to use SMS text messaging‘.