How to upload Pupil Photos (for pupil profile)

Our Mass File Uploader matches pupils using either UPN or Firstname-Surname (e.g. A926111116373.jpg or Francesco-Smith.jpg) and will match the Firstname-Surname for staff.

Please ensure your photographer correctly names each file by providing them with a list of pupil names and UPN or generate them a barcode list.

You can read our help document on how to create barcodes for a visiting photographer by clicking here.

Go to Admin > Import > Mass File Upload.

Click Attach Files, on the right hand side, and drag the photos into the green box.

As upload speeds can be quite slow, we would suggest you upload a maximum of 100 photos at a time (feel free to upload more if you’re on a fast connection – check your connection here).

Scroll to the bottom of the page and when all the photos are marked with a green tick, click Done.

Select a match option from the dropdown list. 

Click Match Pupils or Match Staff Users.

Scroll to the bottom of the list making sure all the photos have matched correctly.

Use the dropdown box to set the name of the pupil for any unmatched photo.

Click Set as Profile Photo.