How to store and manage documents in Pupil Asset

Storing documents in Pupil Asset is a great way to make them securely available to all staff, specific users and even parents.

Documents can be created and saved for pupils, groups, staff or the school as a whole and can be created in Pupil Asset itself, uploaded, printed, exported and sent securely through the system.

Files can be easily organised into folders which not only makes them more manageable, but also allows Admin users to modify who can access them.

Folder functions

All document areas operate in a similar way and have the same functions bar:

New Folder – Create a new folder and set who can access and edit files within that folder.

Edit – Set a title or portion of text to show when a user opens that folder.

New Doc – Create a new document, based on either a template or blank file, and set its access level.

Upload File – Add a file from your computer to the folder you are currently viewing.

  •  Scroll through a slideshow of images in the current folder.
  • Print a summary sheet of files and images in the current folder (useful for pupil learning journals, for example)
  • Email all files in current folder.

Pupil Documents

All uploaded pupil photos, achievement evidence and individual pupil reports will automatically store in a pupil’s documents area.

Other documents that relate to a specific child can be manually uploaded by clicking Upload File. 

Click on the ‘🛈’ to control if parents can see images in the folder via the Pupil Asset Parents App.

Access Pupil Documents by finding a pupil in the search box or in Pupil List. Click the pupil’s name to load their profile and then open the Documents tab.

Group Documents

This is a useful area for saving worksheets, class photos and any information useful for the class teacher to access.

Access Group Documents by going to Pupils > Groups on the menu bar. Click a group’s name and then open its Documents tab.

Staff Documents

Useful for storing documents specific to a member of staff for them to access.

Access Staff Documents by going to Admin > Staff on the menu bar. Click a staff member’s name and then open their Documents tab.

A staff member can go their own documents area by clicking their own name on the menu bar then My Documents.

School Documents

School Documents is a very useful area for storing whole school policies, safeguarding guidance, staff handbook and blank forms for all school users to access. Individual folders can then be limited to specific user levels by clicking the ‘🛈’ symbol.

Access School Documents by going to Home > School Documents on the menu bar.