How to configure access to your school data for a third party

This how-to guide will explain how you can give access to your school data to a third party, securely, using our API.

  1. To check that the third party is on the approved list navigate to Admin > Export > External API Integration.

If you would like to automate the connection between Pupil Asset MIS and a third party application being used by your school, that isn’t on this list, we recommend contacting our partner Wonde who specialise in MIS data integration. Wonde are used by over 14,000 schools across the UK. You can contact them using their email address: [email protected] .

  1. Approve the third party by clicking on the “Authorise” button. You can revoke their access to your data at any time.
  1. You can also control what data the third party has access to. If the box is ticked, the third party has access.  

(N.B. to enable access to all applications within Wonde and GroupCall, all must be ticked)

Your data has been grouped into the following areas:

School info

Shares basic school information like school name, LEA, establishment number, address. 


Shares information relating to pupils/students like name, DOB, UPN, year group, pupil premium, ethnicity. 


Shares a list of behaviour incidents and associated categories for students. 

Read Attendance

Shares attendance summaries for students. 

Write Attendance

This is the only function that allows third parties to write to the Pupil Asset database. Attendance can only be written for the current day. 


Allows access to the parent records of students. Their name, email address, phone number, any court orders. 


Shares records of school staff like name, DOB, contact details. Please note that contracts and salaries can only be included by request. 


Shares a list of active pupil groups (classes, sets, houses) and their members (staff and students). 


Shares student photos.