How to use email history and the ‘Warning List’ to troubleshoot email issues

We know how important it is for schools to know that parents are receiving the communications they send out.

To help with this, we store every email you send via Pupil Asset under Messaging > Email > History.

Here we show all your recently sent emails; however, you can also use the Display Options to set the date range you wish to see emails for.

Emails are given a code to describe their status and a total will show for each code:

QueuedEmail is waiting to be sent in PupilAsset queue
Message sentEmail has been successfully sent
Message deliveredEmail has been successfully received by the destination server
Message failedEmail has been rejected by the destination server (usually means email address is incorrect)
Message openedEmail has opened by the destination user.
Message re-sentMessage failed with primary email server so sent with secondary server.
Attachment openedMessage opened and one or more file attachments accessed by user.

The Warning List

If an email has failed to send, you can then go to Messaging > Email > Warning List for more information about why it did not send.

Email providers will often return a message if the email has failed or ‘bounced’. The Warning List will then show a tick and the Notes column will show the error message received (typically this is a result of the email address being incorrect or no longer used).


All emails you send through Pupil Asset have a link at the bottom to allow parents to unsubscribe. We have to include this so email providers do not treat your messages as spam as well as ensuring that we meet GDPR guidelines for use of data and communication.

If a parent does unsubscribe, they will be added to the Warning List and the system will not attempt to email them. If they have unsubscribed in error, you can click the Remove button to ensure they receive emails again.