Kent Tracking Statements

Pupil Asset offers a tracking solution for those schools and academies wishing to use the Kent Tracking Statements and Kent Steps. This is freely available to schools within the Kent Local Authority. Alternatively, settings that buy the Kent system directly from the Local Authority can use Pupil Asset as the tracking component of that solution. 

The Kent Tracking Statements exemplify age-related expectations from Years 1 to 6. Each year group is sub-divided into Emerging, Expected and Exceeding criteria, enabling teachers to monitor in-year progress and to make fine judgements about attainment.

As learners acquire criteria at the Emerging, Expected or Exceeding level, teachers click the relevant boxes in the grid, colouring the skills ‘Achieved’ green. 

Progressing through the Emerging and Expected criteria can be thought of as the ‘core learning’ that all pupils should do. The Exceeding statements, meanwhile, represent optional, in-year broadening and deepening of age-related expectations which may only be achieved by higher attaining learners. 

In effect, the Expected criteria are the end of year expectations that most pupils should aim to reach. 

Pupil Asset users can activate the Kent Tracking Solution for free(subject to providing proof of purchase of the original materials), simply contact our Support Team on (01603) 631436.