February 2019

27th Feb

Government Publication: Reception Baseline

Information about the new reception baseline assessment for schools and local authorities. These documents provide information for schools and local authorities about the new reception baseline assessment which will be introduced in autumn 2020. Find everything you need here

18th Feb 

Government Publication: Key stage 2 tests: guide to registering pupils for the tests

Information for primary schools on how to submit details of pupils who are eligible for KS2 national curriculum tests (commonly called SATs) in 2019. Find the full guidance here

14th Feb 

Government Publication: KS1 assessments data collection 2019: technical specification

Technical specification defining the scope of the 2019 key stage 1 (KS1) assessments data collection from local authorities. Find the full guidance here

13th Feb

Updated Government Publication: Primary School Accountability 

Technical guidance on primary accountability, school-level progress measures and similar schools. Recent updates include: 

‘How we calculate the progress measure bandings: key stage 2′ with 2018 figures’ 

‘Replaced 2017 ‘Key stage 2 similar schools guidance’ document with 2018 version’.

Find it here

12th Feb

Government Publication: Phonics Screening technical specification 

This document defines the scope of, and business rationale for, the phonics screening check data collection 2019. Find it here

5th Feb

Government Publication: Key stage 2 tests: how to apply for a timetable variation

Information about how headteachers can reschedule the key stage 2 tests. Find full details here.

5th Feb

Government Publication: Key stage 2 tests: access arrangements

Guidance for schools about access arrangements available for pupils participating in 2019 key stage 2 national curriculum tests (commonly called SATs). Full guidance can be found here