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Tools that help you to help pupils

Pupil Asset for Heads

Heads you win: Wholistic, school wide data-analysis tools and high-level dashboard breakdown.

Full cohort data analysis using the built-in Cohort Report.

Pupil Asset For Teachers

  • New National Curriculum
    Support for the New National Curriculum including tick sheets for Formative assessment (based on either standard nationwide achievements, or your own Frameworks) and Summative assessment using Age Bands instead of levels.
  • Legacy NC Support
    Support for legacy NC levels (e.g. 2a, 4c, etc.) with instant point score conversions, progress calculations and value-added.
  • Early Years / Dev Matters
    Full support for National Curriculum Early Years and Development Matters frameworks.
  • Secondary Grades / Diplomas
    Secondaries have summative assessment support for KeyStage 3 / 4 / 5.
  • Quick Tick via iPhone / iPad / Android App
    Take a picture as evidence and quickly tick-off achievements using our iPhone / iPad / Android apps (available for free from the Apple App Store / Google Play Store).
  • Online Registration*
    Registration via PC / Mac, or Apple / Google handheld devices - with support for notes *MIS Only.
  • Report Writer*
    Auto-generate end-of-year (or even mid-year) reports, either using one of our pre-installed templates - or add your own report templates. Pupil names, results and achievements are automatically filled in.
  • Fast Results Entry
    Multi-tick and multi-evidence-upload make formative assessments powerfully fast - even for large classes. Summative judgements can be made right from a pupil's profile, or entered a class at a time at termly or half-termly intervals.
  • Provision Mapping
    A whole host of Special Needs features is topped off by our uber powerful Provision Mapping tool. Quickly and easily see the impact and cost of your interventions.
Tracking the New National Curriculum

Confused by the New National Curriculum? Don't be - see our teacher's guide here.

New National Curriculum DNA Strips

Pupil Asset's Formative Assessment for the New NC allows overviews of achievements using our "DNA Strips" system.

Pupil Asset For Office Staff

  • Super Search
    Powerful google-style search bar for finding pupils, parents, staff details. You can even mark attendance or send parents a text message right from Super Search.
  • Smart Census
    You know census time - hideous, right? Not anymore! Or at least, a LOT LESS hideous thanks to Smart Census. We show you where data is missing and link you directly to it, giving breakdowns over and above the DfE's overview sheet to make it crystal clear what is being submitted. And once you're ready, it's one button. YES, THAT'S RIGHT ONE BUTTON.
  • End-of-year Process
    End-of-year of your dreams. A 5 step wizard that requires 20 minutes of your time and almost no training to do. It really is that simple. Pupil Asset's end-of-year engine lets you handle leavers, transfers, year group roll-up and new intake import with almost serene ease.
  • Master Register
    The most powerful, intuitive and fastest way to hand enter, view and adjust registers. Period.

Office Staff have a set of Powerful Office Tools to deal with the complexities of administering school life.

Pupil Asset For Parents

Note: Only available with PA MIS or Parents Add-on.

  • SMS Text Messaging
    Unlimited SMS text messaging built in. Message direct from the system for instant parental communication
  • Parents Email
    Newsletters, templates, communications of all sorts can be emailed to parents directly from the system - either as HTML emails or PDF attachments.
  • Parents App
    Most parents have a smartphone these days, and with the Pupil Asset Apple or Google Parents App they can see their pupil's results, reports and more.
  • Parental Reporting
    Generate reports pre-completed with pupil names, latest results, etc & automatically email, mass print or make available via smartphone app.

Text from Teachers to Parents, or send Parent Email direct from Pupil Asset.

Parental Communication App

Parent Communication just got a whole lot more engaging, with Pupil Asset's Parents Add-on.

Pupil Asset For Clusters

  • Cluster Manager
    One login allows you to see and manage all of the schools in your group.
  • Multi-School Access
    Compare and contrast different schools - and cohorts within those schools - to understand which schools are excelling / need help in which areas.
  • Cluster Dashboard
    Powerful, whole cluster overviews of Attainment, Progress, Behaviour and Attendance.
  • Cluster-wide MIS + Tracker
    Pupil Asset Cluster Manager works with any combination of Pupil Asset schools, whether they are using our MIS or Tracker.
  • Drill Down
    Quickly drill down from cluster level into individual schools, cohorts and right down to the children that need the most help.

Multi-school, group-wide data analysis - including School-on-School progress.

PA Dashboard: The most powerful multi-school comparison dashboard in the world?


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