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The way you see your school, revolutionised.

Pupil Asset is…

Easy to use
Data protection
Compatible across
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Our key product areas

Customisable assessment tracker

Pupil Asset Tracker provides tracking solutions for every stage of assessment. Drill down through reporting levels to see a detailed view of every student in seconds. Our easy to use reports will save you hours in data management and tell you at a glance which students need more focus. Complete your planning in just a few clicks and have more time to spend with your students.

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Management information system

Manage your entire school using one easy to use dashboard. From online registration and office management to understanding student attendance and attainment. Search for any student’s information and communicate with parents in minutes. Everything you need is in one place saving your school time and money.

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Easy to use and understand

Collecting, managing and analysing data across your school in just a few clicks.

View performance at a glance with your customisable dashboard.

Who is Pupil Asset for?

Head Teachers

See your entire school, MAT or cluster at a glance. Compare progress and attainment to identify areas which need your attention. Be confident that the answers are at your fingertips when it comes to Ofsted.


Understand your students and ease your data and planning workload. Our simple, customisable dashboard and reports will keep you fully aware of your student’s progress and attainment over time, making it more manageable to spend time with your students and less time crunching numbers.

Office Staff

Make your time more efficient by completing online registration and school dinner management in minutes, giving you time to get through the rest of your to-do list. We've made Census stress-free with our step-by-step support guide and made end of year roll-up easier than ever!


Stay engaged with your child’s learning and support their development. Receive alerts via text or email and use our easy to use Parents app to communicate with teachers.


Use our Tracker and MIS to get a view of your entire cluster. Compare progress and identify how your school is performing against the group.

“Pupil Asset just seemed to be so much more flexible and user-friendly, and much easier for all staff across the academy to be able to use.”

– Ben Erskine, Head teacher

“I love Pupil Asset and have been telling all the other schools… It's like going from a dinosaur to a Ferrari. The groups for after school clubs are great. Support is instant and the team are so helpful.”

– Mel Day, Teacher

“I've been using Pupil Asset for over a year now and I've never looked back.”

– Dawn Wilson, Business Manager

“I can easily track pupil's data and map progression as well as their attainment. I particularly love the feature where I can order the class list according to their data.”

– Lewis Angier, Teacher

“One of the big things we are impressed with is the support we get from the team at Pupil Asset - either by email or phone.”

– Dawn Wilson, Business Manager

How much does Pupil Asset cost?

£650 + £1 / pupil per year*

Track attendance, attainment and progress for a detailed understanding of your students.

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£1,650 + £3 / pupil per year*

One system to show you everything you need to know about your school. Track, administrate and communicate.

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Coming Jan 2017

All of the benefits of PA MIS plus timetabling, A Level reports, Attainment 8 and Progress 8.

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*Note: All prices ex. VAT

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Access and manage data on-the-go with our Parent and Teacher apps

SMS messaging

Instant messaging can be used around the clock to communicate with parents.

School dinners

Choose what your child has to eat at school each day and pay securely via the app.

Reporting illness

Is your child unwell and unable to come to school that day? Let the school know with the touch of a button.

Take the register

Save time each day by opening the app on your phone or tablet and taking the register online.

Evidence of achievement

Upload evidence on the app, such as photos and notes, as a record of achievements for each pupil.

Reporting behaviour

Report accurate descriptions of incidents on the app as soon as they happen.