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New! National Curriculum 2014/15 support!
Understand how your Attainment and Progress is affected by Attendance, Behaviour and vulnerable groups from whole school to individual pupils.

Works with SIMS, Integris, PA MIS & others

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"I would like to say an enormous thank you to the whole Pupil Asset team, following our Ofsted inspection. Our analysis of the PA data was at our side through each observation & learning walk (supporting final judgements through analysis of current data both across school & within year). During questioning by the Ofsted lead inspector, PA gave us the interactive, adaptable & effective answer. The inspector was very impressed at the speed with which I could answer some quite complex attainment & progress queries - & I would just like to say an enormous thank you for making this a relatively pain free experience for me."
Mark Oldridge, West Winch Primary - March 2014

Primary Tracking with Pupil Asset

Attainment & progress across EYFS, National Curriculum (new & old), APP, Ros Wilson, EAL, and more with support for all Primary education.
Automatically calculates Ofsted metrics, including points, progress and value added. Comprehensive pupil profiling, whole school overviews and vulnerable group breakdowns.

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The MIS has Evolved...

The feedback we get constantly from our schools is how much they dislike their MIS systems and how much they LOVE their tracker. Why can't it be as simple, powerful and just plain USEFUL as Pupil Asset? Well now it can. Our MIS is probably cheaper; almost certainly easier to use & fully integrated with one the best tracking systems around. What's not to love?

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