What is a webinar?

Free online webinars with Pupil Asset

If you subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter or have noticed the updates on the PA dashboard widget, you have probably heard us mention the word ‘webinar’.

But what exactly is a webinar?

A webinar is essentially just an online meeting or training session which you can log in to and watch anywhere/anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

We host a number of webinars and online meetings, covering lots of different topics – these include presentations, discussions, and demonstrations.

How can you use a Pupil Asset webinar?

You can use our webinars in lots of different ways – we host various free webinars throughout the year. These can be utilised as a training tool for your staff meetings or treat them as a 1:1 session for your own personal development. Some of our sessions suit beginners which are popular with new staff.

What do you need to participate?

  1. You can listen to the presenter by using the speaker on your computer or by dialling in using a landline or mobile phone. If you are dialling in from a UK landline this will be charged at local rate, mobiles will vary depending on your provider. Using the computer audio is totally free
  2. On connecting to the meeting, you will see the trainer’s screen. Our webinars include a visual presentation – this is ordinarily a live demonstration of the system with slides and help-sheets or other material relevant to the session.
  3. We use an online meeting centre called GoTo Webinar. Before the event, be sure to check system requirements to avoid any connection issues. Sometimes, but rarely, schools have difficulty accessing the link because of security systems. You may wish to check or give the URL to your IT technician so that they can check that the link will not be screened out by your security systems on the day.
  4. Most of our webinars include some interactivity between the presenter(s) and the audience. We actively encourage our attendees to ask questions – we often find people sit quietly, not being brave enough to ask their question, when in fact everyone is wondering the same thing!

What makes our webinars so helpful?

Webinars are appealing for lots of reasons. Personally, I enjoy attending webinars because they’re interesting and educational at the same time. I almost always learn something when I’m attending a webinar.

If you haven’t met our training or support teams before, this is your chance! Our webinars are an exclusive free online resource – you do not pay anything extra for this bonus!

We listen to our customer’s feedback and I am always looking for new ideas for new sessions to add to the webinar schedule. Where possible we try to provide sessions relevant to activities in the school calendar, for example, regular sessions around Census time, beginners sessions for NQT’s and Data Analysis for school Leaders when these things are on your mind.

Here is an example of some of the content we already cover:

Beginners Assessment Tracking

  • Introduction to Dashboard and Personalisation
  • Tab Structure, The Filters and Display Options
  • Multi-Tick; Achievement Summary
  • Entering Summative Results
  • Results / Results page and Results Across Subjects (M/R/W Combined)

How to complete the Pupil Census

  • How to access the Census
  • Checking your Census
  • Completing the Census

Data Analysis for school leaders

  • Introduction to Analysis Tab
  • Attainment Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Cohort Reporting
  • School Summary

Even if you are one of our more experienced users, I’m sure you will learn a thing or two!

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