Pupil Asset management information system becomes Juniper Horizons

Following Juniper Education’s acquisition earlier this year of Pupil Asset, we would like to announce the rebrand of Pupil Asset MIS.

From this term, Pupil Asset will become Juniper Horizons.

The new name reflects the start of a new and significant phase of investment in the technology, building on the strong child-first design that Pupil Asset is known for.

Initial work will be focused on improving system performance while we also work on enhancing the navigation and the user experience to make the system even easier to use. Our aim is to ensure that for most tasks, school staff will not need any training to use our MIS.

It will take a little while for us to change all the branding in the product itself, but existing customers will start to benefit from all the new improvements over the coming months.

Pupil Asset is a great MIS, built with a classroom-first design that puts the child at the centre of the school. Juniper Education wants to build on this strong pedigree and help us develop our vision for a school MIS that creates more Child-Time for teachers, leaders and support staff.

Juniper Horizons – Discover The Child-First MIS