The Resilience Project

Following the announcement of our partnership with Values Based Education last month we thought it would be a good idea to explain what we’re working on, and why.

For us, working with Values-Based Education was an easy decision to make. When our CEO James Leeds met with Sue Webb and David Gumbrell , it was initially to talk about the technical requirements of their Resilience project. Discussions soon veered towards what Values-Based Education is, how and why it works, and the positive impact it is having on schools and communities across the globe. Their enthusiasm was infectious!

Encouraging learning through the use of positive values such as compassion, honesty and respect seemed to be obvious, yet it is also unique. From the moment we learnt about VbE, we knew we wanted to be involved and would support the project in any way we could.

Here’s David talking about the project:

“We know that the retention of good quality teachers is key to driving improvement. If teachers are happy in their workplace, they will be better placed to inspire pupils, and to improve the quality of teaching and learning. With this in mind, Pupil Asset have been working with Value-based Education to develop ‘The VbE Resilience Survey’. It is designed to be a quick, yet effective way to gauge staff well being and to highlight areas of resilience that may need more consideration. This cost-effective tool will help to make staff feel valued and know that their wellbeing is being taken seriously. This survey will also hopefully provoke a healthy dialogue about the importance of resilience in managing the inevitable challenges of everyday life.”

Pupil Asset was created by teachers and developers who genuinely wanted to improve the working lives of teachers and pupils; we had to learn the business part along the way. As we have grown we have nurtured that vision; developing our product in partnership with schools, and by respecting, empowering, and rewarding our staff, to the best of our ability. Most of the time we have got it right, but crucially, when we haven’t we have endeavoured to learn. We know how having positive values has helped us to grow our business, but also to grow and develop both as individuals and as a team.

On World Values Day we asked our staff which values they felt were most important to them, both personally and professionally. I think that the top seven (listed below) go some way to explaining why we are so pleased to be a part of this exciting project.

  • Support
  • Innovation
  • Making a Difference
  • Teamwork
  • Helpfulness
  • Reliability
  • Learning

Values-Based Education was founded by Dr Neil Hawkes co-author of The Inner Curriculum: How to develop Wellbeing, Resilience and Self Leadership.

Their website is here: