Thank a Teacher Day

We have a funny relationship with our teachers. They shape the way we see the world, help us to define our character, and we carry their influence with us everywhere we go; but by the time we realise what a profound effect they have had, we’ve left school and don’t get to tell them!

So, on Thank a Teacher day, we thought we’d give some of our staff the opportunity to acknowledge and thank a teacher that had a big influence on their life.

Steph Reddington thanks…

All my teachers at Bedgrove Infant School were wonderful and I have very fond memories of attending the school as a child. I was also extremely privileged to go back, many years later, and work alongside nearly all of my childhood teachers when I returned to Bedgrove as an adult to do my teacher training!

One teacher in particular is still having a positive influence in my life and so I want to say a special thank-you to Mrs Sue Longmate who, over thirty years later, still believes in me and is still encouraging me to be the best I can be. I recently embarked on one of the most amazing experiences of my life as a travelled to Nairobi with the charity Hear Their Roar to work alongside AMREF, supporting children at their Dagoretti Child Protection and Rehabilitation Centre. If it wasn’t for Sue’s reassurances and encouragement, I may have never signed up and I really can’t thank her enough – not just for that, but for being a wonderful teacher, a wonderful colleague and hopefully a life-long friend.

Laurie Bolt thanks…

To a Teacher who has made literature come alive for so many children instilling a love of reading in all her pupils. I wish Pat Barber, from St Michael’s Junior, had been my teacher when I was at school. I just had the privileged of being her colleague and having one of my children in her class.

Lucie Allen thanks…

Debbie Cooke was my middle school teacher at Angel Road, she will know me as the teachers pet who would rather stay in and help staple tests together than go out and play in the snow!

I now have the absolute pleasure of working with Debbie at Pupil Asset, and she is such a delight as a teacher, colleague and friend. Thank you Debbie, for always being so kind and fair to everyone.

Ben Norton thanks…

I’d like to thank Mr Lamb at Malmesbury School for making me write ‘I love maths’ at the top of every page for 7 years. Nothing like repetition to brainwash you.

Will Caston Cook thanks…

Mrs Murphy from Middleton Primary School. My Mum was the reception and year one teacher at Middleton, and after my first day in her class she decided that it wasn’t going to work! So she sent me, her beloved and badly behaved little monster, up into Mrs Murphy’s class where for four years I was instilled with a love of books, art and computers. Mrs Murphy encouraged my creativity through my imagination, something I am now passing on to my own son, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Leanne Botwright thanks…

His students know him as Mr Botwright, but to me he is Stuart, Stu and he’ll hate me for sharing this, Stu-pot.

You may not think it but you really are a superhero in my eyes. Teaching a classroom full of year 6’s may at times seem like a thankless task and you often feel like a referee, babysitter and counselor, but all of the love, time, and long hours you invest in your students has not gone unnoticed. You are a key person that has influenced me and my life, and your pupils and colleagues at Wickford Primary School are all very lucky to have you.

Growing up I never thought I would say I needed my brother. But, as I get older I find that Mr Botwright is one of the first people I turn to for support. Somehow he has all the right answers, motivation and confidence-boosting advice.

Academically you are creating superstars, thank you so much for everything you do each and every day.

Not my teacher in the classroom but I have certainly learnt a lot from you and I am proud to call you my big brother.

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