Supporting the new Ofsted framework – Part 4

Following a successful public consultation, between January and April 2019, Ofsted have now published their new inspection framework for use from September 2019. 

The framework sets out how Ofsted will inspect state schools, further education and skills providers, non-association independent schools and registered early years settings in England. Find out how Pupil Asset can support you in each of the four areas of inspection. 

This week, we look at Leadership and Management

“Inspectors will make a judgement on the effectiveness of leadership and management by evaluating the extent to which: 

– Leaders focus on improving staff’s subject, pedagogical and content knowledge…”

As well as being fully compliant with the School Workforce Census, Pupil Asset MIS allows users to record a wide range of information about staff, including professional development and any statutory training requirements.  

– Leaders engage effectively…including parents / carers…” 

Pupil Asset MIS comes with a complimentary Parents’ App, allowing for effective and ongoing communication with parents/carers. Fully customisable, schools can choose which information to share with parents, from simply allowing them to report absences and make payments to sharing documents, reports, curriculum achievements and reported behaviours. Add to this the built-in email, SMS and push notification services, and schools can ensure that communication with parents/carers is timely, relevant and kept centrally. 

– Leaders…are realistic and constructive in the way they manage staff, including their workload…”

Pupil Asset is fully customisable and, whilst it includes lots of tools to support the management of a provision, schools do not have to use all elements. Having been built for teachers, by teachers, we have always been mindful of ensuring that the user experience is intuitive and simple so that staff feel confident to use the system effectively. 

When designing a suitable model for Assessment, schools can choose to work with one of our Education Consultants who will be able to offer support and advice on best practice to ensure that the chosen model works for everyone and that workload is taken into account. 

– Those responsible for governance…hold leaders to account for the quality of education or training.”

Pupil Asset does not make extracting data difficult and any page can be printed or exported for sharing with Governors and other key stakeholders. If schools wish, Governors can also be given their own logins, enabling them to access an anonymous and restricted version of the program in order to view the reports that are required to hold leaders to account. 

– The provider has a culture of safeguarding…”

Pupil Asset is recognised by the DfE as a registered provider of Cloud (educational apps) software services and, as such, has fully embraced the new EU GDPR legislation and how it reinforces existing data protection law: we can offer reassurance that pupil and staff data is secure. Personalised, individual user access allows schools to determine which staff have access to which areas of the system meaning that sensitive data can be stored securely. 

Safer recruitment practices such as maintaining a Single Central Record and recording staff DBS checks and any allegations can be adhered to as well as a complete user log to prevent malpractice around the stored data. 

Pupil Asset’s, fully customisable behaviour management tools allow schools to record both positive and negative behaviours and, with advanced reporting, patterns can be identified such as which days or lessons a student is regularly absent and which days/times behaviour incidents are being observed. This allows for careful monitoring of any changes to behaviour that may give rise to concern.  

Here are links to each of the four areas of inspection: 

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Part four – Leadership and Management.

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