Once, twice, three times a ‘data-drop’…

Earlier in the year, FFT’s Education Data Lab reported that half of the teachers surveyed said they were asked to submit pupil attainment data half-termly or more frequently. This is despite the Teacher Workload Advisory Group’s report, ‘Making data work’, recommending that school leaders should, ‘Not have more than two or three data collection points a year’ (p.25).

With the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) also recognising that the collection of data can create an additional workload for leaders and staff, it also challenges the frequency of data collection and states the following:

“Schools choosing to use more than two or three data collection points a year should have clear reasoning for what interpretations and actions are informed by the frequency of collection; the time taken to set assessments, collate, analyse and interpret the data; and the time taken to then act on the findings. If a school’s system for data collection is disproportionate, inefficient or unsustainable for staff, inspectors will reflect this in their reporting on the school.” (pg.45).

Therefore, it is surprising to see so many schools, nationally, still collecting data on a half-termly basis. What is even more surprising is that FFT have found that one-in-five headteachers believe their own data collection cycle is too frequent! Professor Becky Allen asks, “Who is it that is forcing them to do something they believe is so inefficient? (FFT: Data, Data, everywhere) 

Hopefully, the answer to that question isn’t, “Our Assessment Tracker – Pupil Asset”

However, if it is, rest assured that our schools are free to update their assessment model at any time to reflect reviewed assessment practices, including the reduction of summative assessment columns.

The simplest way to do this is to navigate to Admin > School Options > Tracking Options and switch off mid-terms (don’t forget to Save School Options at the bottom of the page). Don’t panic – this won’t mean that any previously recorded data will be lost, it will just be hidden from view. If, at any point, you wish to view this data again, simply switch the mid-terms back on.

Still not sure? Our Support Team will be happy to help if you want to make any changes, you have further questions or you want to discuss your assessment model in more detail – call them on 01603 631436 (option 1) to discuss your needs.

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