‘Oh the weather outside is frightful…’

The weather can be bad at this time of year, we’ve put together this short guidance to help you be fully prepared. 

Check parent/guardian mobile numbers are up to date

If you need something to print out and give to parents, you can use the Data Collection Form.  Navigate to Office > Reports and type Pupil Data Collection Sheet in the search bar. 

If you just want to scan through the contact details, go to Pupils > Pupil List and select Main or All Contact Information from the Choose Column dropdown.

This how-to guide will help you send an SMS if you’ve not done it before.

If you need to set parents as Preferred (so they are picked up by default when sending SMS messages) go to Admin > Advanced > Parents andpress Set Contacts as Preferred.

Check staff mobile numbers are present up to date

Go to Admin > Staff and choose Mobile Phone number from the Choose Columns dropdown.

You can text staff by going to Messaging > SMS and by choosing Add Individuals from the ‘picker’ on the right  pick –Staff/Users from the dropdown.

You can also text staff groups (if you’ve set them up) from the Add Groups tab within the picker. To set up a Staff Group go to Pupils > Groups, open Display Options and tick Staff Groups. Click Add New Staff Group.

Check your SMS balance

Go to Messaging > SMS. Top right will tell you your current balance. Click Manage Texts if you need to top up.

Close the school with a Y code

To record a whole school all day closure, go to Admin > Calendar Setup. Then click on the day in your calendar and set to Y: Unscheduled Closure (e.g. snow).

You can also set individual pupils/groups or half day closures by adding a Y code in the Register.